Acute Care Hospital Valuation

Transactions for acute care hospitals are usually highly visible in the public view and command scrutiny from regulators and stakeholders alike.

Acute care is a treatment level in which a patient receives care for a brief but severe episode of illness as a result of disease, trauma or surgery.  An acute care hospital provides short-term services for these patients in an inpatient or an outpatient setting.  In the inpatient setting, a patient can be characterized as requiring medical or surgical attention which may involve multiple overnight stays.  In the outpatient setting, acute care hospitals provide care through hospital outpatient departments which may include a broad array of same-day services.

In many circumstances, the transaction will be reviewed by a regulatory body including the Federal Trade Commission and/or the State Attorney General Office.  Acute care hospital valuations are typically performed prior to sale, purchase or lease on behalf of the buyer or the seller, for review by regulatory authorities, or for banks or other financing organizations associated with a transaction.

In just the past 3 years, VMG Health has conducted 2,500+ acute care hospital valuations, including transactions, compensation, real estate and capital assets.

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