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If you require a valuation (appraisal) of your dialysis center, VMG Health is the perfect choice. Contact our team of experts today for more details on our comprehensive services.

There are several business scenarios that require a valuation of your dialysis center. If an individual physician wishes to invest in the center, this is called a minority level transaction. Another situation that requires dialysis center appraisal is the sale of the facility. This could be to or from a management company, national or regional operator, and/or hospital buyer (control level transactions).

In just the past 3 years, VMG Health has conducted 60+ dialysis center valuations, including transactions, compensation, real estate and capital assets. 

Dialysis Center Definition

A dialysis center is a separate facility that offers life support services for patients that suffer form lost kidney function from either short-term acute renal failure or long-term chronic kidney disease, also known as end stage renal disease (“ESRD”). Dialysis treatments are offered by freestanding facilities, hospitals, and at home utilizing hemodialysis machines.

Nephrologists (kidney specialists) typically refer their patients to an outpatient dialysis center for treatment of ESRD. The Nephrologist practice operations are separate from the operations of the dialysis center. Dialysis centers will typically have medical director agreements with physicians to oversee its clinical operations.

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