In-Service FMV Training & Education from Industry Experts

VMG Health’s FMV Academy provides complimentary comprehensive FMV training and educational programs to healthcare organizations. Whether your organization needs to educate your team on the latest trends in a healthcare sector or simply desires to get your team up to speed on compliance, FMV Academy facilitates an easy avenue for education and Fair Market Value training.

FMV Academy covers content on the most topical and relevant financial transaction issues.  Key areas of focus include:

VMG Health has over 22 years of experience and has been involved in over 30,000 transactions.  As a result, FMV Academy brings practical advice and meaningful insight related to market trends and the risks associated with financial transactions with potential referral sources. The In-Service FMV training may be anywhere from one hour to a full day training. Many organizations choose to include FMV Academy as part of their annual corporate event. The result is improved communication throughout the organization resulting in a more efficient transaction process throughout the year. Professionals that benefit from these sessions include:

  • C-Suite
  • Board members
  • Business Development Teams
  • Compliance and Legal Departments
  • Facility operators

To learn more about this FMV training or to schedule your customized on-site FMV Academy program, contact Doug Hillrichs at 972 616 5906 or


The Healthcare Executive’s Simple Guide to FMV” will assist professionals on how to navigate nearly every type of Fair Market Value opinion for transactions and compensation agreements. Take a look at VMG Health’s latest publication with the American Bar Association.