Healthcare Financial Decision Support

360° Financial Visibility for Your Provider Investment Decisions 

It has never been more important to develop accurate financial forecasts to support your healthcare investment decisions. Today’s environments involve projects within various healthcare provider industry sectors that continue to grow in complexity. Most importantly, you must understand the financial and operational risks that exist in achieving certain financial results.

You need a thorough understanding of both the operations and the underlying sources of performance. Without that information, it’s  challenging to calculate the risk, discount rate and/or estimated future cash flow of healthcare provider entity.

How VMG Can Help

With 150+ experienced valuation and transaction advisory professionals, VMG Health brings 360° financial visibility to the healthcare investment decision support process. Using a proprietary VMG Risk Scorecard, VMG Health brings together a variety of products, insights and solutions focused specifically on healthcare investments.

VMG’s Financial Risk Scorecard

  1. Financial & Operational Assessment
    • To forecast the ability of an acquirer of a healthcare provider entity/facility to meet its debt/lease obligations following a contemplated acquisition or debt placement.
  2. Business Enterprise Valuation (BEV)
    • Reasonable range of appraisal considering value/risk drivers unique to healthcare provider entities/facilities.
  3. Industry Insight Analysis
    • Current industry trends and/or regulatory changes that impact healthcare provider entity/facility values.
  4. Comparative Reimbursement Analysis (Black Box)
    • Between certain managed care payers to evaluate the economic impact of a proposed transaction.
  5. Lender Appraisal
    • Appraisal of the target entity’s tangible real & personal property assets for collateral debt financing purposes.
  6. Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805)
    • Post-closing appraisal of the acquired entity’s assets/liabilities for financial accounting & reporting purposes.
  7. Regulatory Compliance Due Diligence (FMV)
    • Ensure that for any service for which a physician is paid the compensation is at fair market value.

Healthcare Provider Industry Sectors

VMG Health has extensive experience with providing valuation and transaction advisory services to all healthcare provider industry sectors including:

Acute Care Hospitals
Behavioral Health
Cardiac Cath Labs
Concierge Medicine
Health Plans
Home Health
Medical Office Buildings
Medical Transport
Physical Therapy
Physician Practices
Radiation Oncology
Rehab Hospitals
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Sleep Centers
Specialty Hospitals
Surgical Hospitals
Urgent Care
Vein Centers
Wound Care


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