3 Major Themes from Public Healthcare Firms during COVID-19 – Part 3: Mergers & Acquisitions

Contributors: Colin McDermott, Anthony Metke, Spencer Coronado As the healthcare sector continues to operate affected by the coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic, insights and experiences from the provider sector are particularly interesting. In this three-part series, VMG Health has summarized key observations regarding the following three major themes from public healthcare firms: Part 1: COVID-19’s impact on… Read More

3 Major Themes from Public Healthcare Firms during the Third Quarter of 2020 – Part 2: Expense Management and Cost Savings

Contributors: Madison Whyde, Alex Malin, Chris Madden Among the companies covered for Q3 2020, there was a continued emphasis on expense management and cost savings strategies. As mentioned in Part 1, COVID-19 restrictions began to ease up in many markets with patient volume reapproaching normalized levels. While many companies are still experiencing increased costs related… Read More