Financial Feasibility and Credit Underwriting Support

In today’s healthcare market, the provider industry sectors continue to grow in complexity, with increasing financial and operational risk. With a dedicated group of experienced professionals, VMG provides financial visibility to the healthcare investment decision process. Whether our clients serve as investors, developers, operators or landlords, our data-driven approach provides the financial and operational assessment required to fully understand a healthcare project’s ability to meet certain financial performance thresholds. This is accomplished through access to best-in-class financial benchmark data and a thorough understanding of the revenue and expense drivers that exist in each unique healthcare vertical.

VMG has extensive experience working with provider side clients in assessing the feasibility and working with internal teams to develop realistic financial expectations. VMG also works with external REITs, landlords, lenders or private equity investors to supplement and enhance their credit underwriting abilities.

VMG also recognizes that a “one size fits all” approach is rarely effective and each client and individual project will require a customized level of analysis and support. Whether the financial decision involves the commitment of minimal or a significant level of capital, VMG will be there to support and assist your team in making an informed decision.