Physician Needs Assessments

Physician shortages continue to be an important concern for hospitals and health systems trying to provide the breadth and depth of healthcare services sufficient to support market need. Addressing this deficit requires an in-depth understanding of the current and projected supply and demand of physician services in the market. Developing this understanding allows hospitals and health systems to create targeted recruitment plans to best meet the needs of their local market and create the appropriate space for physicians to succeed long-term in market.

Numerous factors must be considered in developing a Physician Needs Assessment including:

  • Stark Law (411.357(s)) which provides specific guidelines on defining the hospital’s geographic service area
  • Physician supply drivers which include specialty, age, practice location, and other important statistics including the hospital’s current staffing and service needs.
  • Physician demand drivers which include national physician-to-population ratios reflecting factors such as relative age of the population, prevalence of disease incidence rates, and wait times.

When determining and documenting local market requirements, VMG Health has the expertise and data to provide a sound and informative Physician Needs Assessment.

Please reach out to our service line lead, Brittany Martin, should you have a Physician Needs Assessment request.