FMV Tools™

With the rapid growth in physician alignment strategies, implementing a cost effective and consistent methodology for documenting that physician compensation is consistent with FMV is essential. As a result of streamlining the information gathering process, VMG Health is able to pass savings to clients, and complete a fair market valuation in a matter of days, instead of weeks. Throughout the FMV Tools™ process, VMG Health remains a trusted advisor and is able to apply judgement and flexibility to the valuation process.

FMV Tools™ has been developed for Clinical Services, Medical Directorships, and On‐Call Coverage.

Key benefits of using FMV Tools™ include:

  • Relies upon a robust valuation approach for each indication of value
  • Provides a formal opinion using a streamlined process and a VMG Health industry expert’s judgment
  • Utilizes multiple, objective surveys as suggested by previous Stark law guidance
  • Establishes compensation documentation support for compliance purposes
  • Has the ability to assess some higher risk arrangements, including compensation rates that exceed the 90th percentile

FMV Tools™ is customized for each client’s needs by including a tailored report, and complimentary FMV and commercially reasonable training.