Physician Compensation for Private Equity Platforms

Looking to structure streamlined physician compensation arrangements in a private equity setting? VMG Health’s got you covered. Allow VMG Health’s experience in this sector help guide you to a sustainable business model.

As private equity firms continue to invest in physician practices, understanding how to design and structure competitive physician compensation plans is essential. Challenges to design include the healthcare’s regulatory environment, onboarding new practices, and balancing equity with compensation. VMG Health understands how to help by developing compensation plans that are market competitive and cost effective. The results are streamlined compensation models that maximize both physician satisfaction and the organization’s financial performance.

VMG Health’s compensation services for private equity platforms include:

  • Designing and implementing new effective compensation plans
  • Consolidating and unifying existing compensation plans
  • Providing fair market value and commercial reasonableness review
  • Creating multi-class equity structures with various vesting thresholds
  • Performing valuations of new or existing equity class unit issuances
  • Financial forecasting and scenario analyses for decision making