Financial & Capital Planning

VMG Health recognizes strategic and business planning processes are complemented by advising clients how future cash flow and capital requirements influence today’s decisions. Financial models are used by our clients to understand service-line investments, structure the economic terms in physician-hospital joint ventures, and understand the cash flow and capital impact of various strategic initiatives.

Our proprietary 9-Cell Financial Model© dissects and provides in an easily understood form the drivers of organizational business performance. The practical effect of applying the 9-Cell Financial Model© is to level the playing field between financial and non-financial personnel in our client organizations for the purpose of creating broad buy-in on the actions needed to achieve desired operating performance.

Our 9-Cell Financial Model© is illustrated below. In its simplest interpretation, any organization that is attempting to improve operating performance must successfully implement strategies from one or more of the four corners of the 9-Cell Financial Model©. For most organizations it requires execution of ideas to grow the business (upper-left corner), redefine the business mix and/or pricing strategy (upper-right corner), manage staffing levels, units of supply and capital additions (lower-left corner), and seek opportunities to reduce the growth rate in unit costs (lower-right corner). Productivity and markup ratios (middle left and middle right) become derivative calculations and help describe the outcome of identified strategies. Our 9-Cell Financial Model© provides an interactive and real-time resource to management, helping clarify the impacts of alternative strategies on projected and needed financial performance.

VMG Health Financial & Capital Planning

The financial planning approach and process we offer can be designed to provide comprehensive financial analyses and projections for a current mix of services as well as at a portfolio level for approved capital projects and scenario level for alternative strategic initiatives. These projections can be used to determine the amount and time of capital available for a strategic initiative or major capital project, or merely more accurately describe future financial performance expectations under alternative and strategic positioning scenarios. These financial services include:

  • Long-range financial planning and modeling
  • Financial assessment/scenario testing of strategic initiatives
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Incentive-based modeling
  • Capital allocation/prioritization
  • Debt capacity assessments
  • System financial processes redesign