Strategic Decision Support

Having the advantage of being integral to thousands of healthcare transactions each year, VMG Health is able to provide proprietary insight and market intelligence to our clients. Our professionals have the domain expertise and skills to assist organizations with the numerous types of analyses and support to enable effective strategic decision making.

Pro forma Development and Financial Feasibility

Creating a de novo business or carving out an existing one requires an understanding of the complete operational and financial picture of a business opportunity. Whether your project contemplates the creation of a new venture, restructuring an existing one, syndicating to investors, or analyzing strategic alternatives, VMG can provide the financial modeling and scenario analyses to communicate the financial and operational parameters associated with your project, large or small.

Market Study

Developing an effective strategy involves analyzing and assessing the potential of a target market. VMG can provide focused, data-driven market research that can assist the end user in understanding the primary/secondary/tertiary markets for proposed services, the competitive profile of the target market, patient or physician demand analyses, and detailed demographic studies. VMG Health’s Ophthalmology Market Position Assessment and Demand Study has been an invaluable tool for forward-thinking Practice leaders.

Tenant/Borrower Financial Health and Risk Assessments

In today’s healthcare market, the provider industry sectors continue to grow in complexity and risk. With a dedicated group of experienced professionals, VMG provides financial visibility to the healthcare investment decision process. Our data-driven approach provides the investor with a financial and operational assessment of the healthcare provider entity’s ability to meet certain debt and lease obligations.

Reimbursement Analysis

Healthcare services businesses rely on a myriad of government and third party payer sources to generate revenue. Payment rates and structures are constantly in flux, with differing issues and risks present region to region, across the country. VMG can assist with understanding reimbursement trends and risks across the healthcare landscape. Whether it be understanding trends in site of service differentials, out of network exposure, or a comparative reimbursement (black box) analysis, VMG can enable your organization to make strategic decisions based on data-driven analysis.

Due Diligence Support Services

Depending on client resources and the nature and timing of a transaction close, circumstances may call for a range of transaction support services, such as information request development, data room set-up and management, target communication and data response coordination, as well as data review coordination, to name a few. VMG’s breadth of experience working with buyers and sellers uniquely positions us to provide the right level of targeted, flexible, and timely transaction support on a cost effective basis.

Quality of Earnings & Quality of Revenue

Financial statements, accounting estimates and adjustments that are reflected in them, provide a basis for buyers to understand the performance of a business. Working across all healthcare verticals, VMG has the breadth of experience to analyze and communicate the quality and integrity of a target’s communicated financial performance. In addition, VMG Health has created a specialized Suite of Services related to Quality of Earnings and Quality of Revenue.