Ophthalmology Market Position Assessment & Demand Study

Are you a large ophthalmology group looking to plan strategically for the future?  Do you understand your current position in the marketplace?  Do you have enough providers (or too many) to address future needs in your community?  Are you aligned with the right optometrists?  How large is your ambulatory surgery center compared to others in the community?  Is this the right time to partner or merger with another organization?

The information from VMG Health’s Market Position Assessment or Demand Study has been an invaluable tool as forward-thinking Practice leaders address many of the above questions in addition to gaining other valuable insights into the marketplace.

VMG Health’s Market Position Assessment study can help your organization identify the following:

  • Your organization’s current market share in the community
  • Changes in market share over time
  • Revenue by ophthalmologist by service-line (cataracts, glaucoma, etc.) in the market
  • Competitor performance over time
  • Top optometry providers in the area
  • Ambulatory surgery center benchmarking versus peers in the community
  • Potential acquisition, recruitment or alignment strategies

VMG Health’s Demand Study will allow your organization to address the following:

  • Historical growth rate for ophthalmology services in your community
  • Projected growth rate for ophthalmology services over the next five years specific to the community
  • Ability to absorb new physicians into your Practice without diluting other member volume

For more information, contact Corey Palasota or Colin McDermott.