How do Demographic Trends Affect Valuation Conclusions?

Consider two identical ambulatory surgery centers – one located in Texas and one in Michigan. Assuming that all operating characteristics of the two centers are the same – revenue, EBITDA, case mix, physician mix & age, payor mix – do the ASCs have equal or different values? Without understanding the demographic conditions and trends in… Read More

Physician-Owned Hospitals: A Tumultuous Past Has Given Rise to a Resilient Industry

VMG has been intricately involved with physician owned hospitals (POHs) since their inception. In fact, VMG assisted in the development and continues to be involved in an advisory role of numerous highly successful POHs, both locally and nationwide. Our involvement with this industry has afforded us the opportunity to observe the financial and operational performance… Read More

5 Year Valuation Comparison: VMG Index vs. S&P 500

Over the last five years, the United States economy has been on a rollercoaster ride. From rising oil prices to Europe’s debt crisis to our own banking, housing, and credit crises, Americans have been weathering an economic storm. However, according to the Economist, “[…] economic recovery […] needs the [recovery] process to advance far enough… Read More