A Primer in Physician Compensation Compliance Risk

Physician Compensation Compliance Risk

This primer is meant to educate and guide healthcare providers, executives, attorneys, and compliance professionals on the risk associated with physician compensation arrangements. It is well known that there has been increased regulatory scrutiny around healthcare fraud demonstrated by both sizeable settlements and a surge in qui tam actions. Aside from the more widely perceived… Read More

Radiology Groups: What to Consider when Selling Your Practice

Radiology Groups: What to Consider When Selling Your Practice

The radiology industry is highly fragmented with independent groups accounting for approximately 45% of the estimated $18 billion in annual revenue (Swingman). Independent radiology groups and potential buyers understand that the market is extremely active due to investors’ access to capital, opportunities for consolidation, and the nature of radiology business operations. Radiology practices typically have lean… Read More

Acquisition Risk Considerations for Dental Practice Investors

Acquisition Risk Considerations for Dental Practice Investors

Written by Alex Jarocki, CVA, Brad Brumbaugh, CFA, CBA, and Jason Ruchaber, CFA, ASA Most people cringe when they think about going to the dentist, but even a root canal is painless compared to a DOJ investigation. During 2016 the Federal Government recovered $2.5 billion in federal losses from false claim actions[1] in the healthcare industry,… Read More

Personal Accountability: Healthcare Qui Tam Review

Health care Fraud

The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) experienced its third highest annual recovery in False Claims Act (“FCA”) history for the fiscal year (“FY”) 2016.[1] Of the $4.7 billion in settlements obtained from the DOJ involving fraud and false civil claims, over half ($2.5 billion) were related to the health care industry. These healthcare fraud claims included… Read More

Visiting the Home Health Marketplace: Observations of the Current Transaction Environment

Home Health valuation

March 2017 A frequently cited solution to reducing rising healthcare costs is to place patients in the lowest cost setting of care.  Accordingly, home health has become a forefront discussion of the healthcare industry.  Large health systems contemplate better ways to integrate home health services into their continuum of care offerings while traditional operators (including private equity… Read More