Healthcare Business Valuation: The Experts in Fair Market Value

The Healthcare industry is impacted by a variety of rules and regulations which often require that the price or consideration included in a transaction be consistent with Fair Market Value (“FMV”). Examples of these regulations include the Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statue or Internal Revenue Service rules governing tax exempt organizations. VMG Health’s Healthcare Business Valuation team provides expert opinions and advisory services. 

Acting as an independent third party, VMG Health performs thousands of FMV business valuation opinions each year in support of healthcare transactions to ensure regulatory compliance, assist clients without experience in valuation, or to provide both parties comfort that the consideration included in a transaction is consistent with market levels. VMG Health has performed FMV business valuations for entities ranging from small, solo-physician practices to large, multi-facility health systems and everything in between including ancillary services and risk-bearing organizations.

As part of our healthcare fair market value expertise, VMG Health also has a capital asset division and real estate division that specializes in FMV opinions. In addition, we are experienced in specialized areas of valuation such as specific intangible assets including certificate of need (“CON”), tradename/brand, data, non-compete agreements, and valuation of personal goodwill associated with owner physicians. Lastly, over the years physician compensation and management agreement FMV needs have grown considerably.

The VMG Health team is very knowledgeable, timely, and great to work with. In addition, VMG provided helpful industry benchmarks, overall transaction advice and insight to help direct our decision making on the deal we were working on.
Vice President, Reimbursement & Accounting Services, 2 Hospital, Regional Non-Profit Healthcare System, Maryland