Physician Compensation Design & Consulting

Physician Compensation Plan Design

VMG Health offers a range of physician compensation plan design and strategic physician compensation consulting services. As the healthcare industry continues to move from volume to value-based reimbursement, organizations must ensure their physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) are aligned to the changing mission, vision, and strategic goals of the organization. Modern compensation formulas are evolving from productivity-only compensation towards a multi-factor compensation formula that rewards quality, value, and efficiency in addition to productivity.

These modern compensation plans are as unique as the organizations implementing them. There is not a single compensation model that will work for all organizations, and that is why it is vital to understand the unique issues facing an organization when designing a physician compensation plan. With increased regulatory scrutiny around physician compensation arrangements, organizations must carefully structure compensation plans so that they meet the organization’s strategic objectives while also remaining compliant with Federal regulations.

VMG Health is uniquely positioned to help organizations of all sizes with their physician compensation design needs. We work with single specialty physician groups, multispecialty groups, hospitals, health systems, and academic medical centers, and offer a comprehensive range of compensation design and strategic physician compensation consulting services for both employed and independent providers.

Physician compensation design is just one aspect of what VMG Health does. We know how important it is to keep a pulse on your employed physician and APP populations, and that’s why we built a solution that allows us to conduct streamlined, cost-effective benchmarking that allows you to quickly identify low, medium, and high risk providers to ensure your employed compensation plans are compliant.

Finally, VMG Health can also help your organization develop or refine your physician compensation governance structure, so you can be sure the right people at your organizations are looking at the medium and high risk compensation arrangements at the right time to ensure proper compliance.

The provider compensation consulting services we offer includes:

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