Benchmarks in 2013 Imaging-center Finances and Operations

Publisehed by ImagingBiz Our company is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a large number of single and multisite imaging centers each year. This affords us the opportunity to observe and benchmark the financial and operating trends of a statistically significant sample size of imaging centers across the nation. This imaging benchmarking analysis includes financial and operating performance measurements for 25 freestanding imaging centers (mostly single-site centers, with a few multisite centers) located throughout the United States. It is likely to come as little surprise that the pervasive trend in recent financial performance has been negative. Reimbursement pressure and competitive forces within many markets have led to the compression of profit margins, over the past few years. Overview of 2013 Benchmarks Before analyzing performance, we felt it important to illustrate the aggregate characteristics of the imaging centers included in our imaging benchmarking study. The mix of modalities for any given center can certainly have an impact on overall economics. In Figures 1 and 2, we provide the characteristics—in terms of volume and net revenue (by modality, as well as by overall payor mix)—of our benchmarking sample. The dominant modalities that account for the majority of overall net revenue are MRI, mammography, and CT. The top individual payors among the benchmark imaging centers are Blue Cross Blue Shield (28%), Medicare (28%), and UnitedHealth (5%). Click here to continue to the full article.