Clarity for the Ever-Changing Regulatory Landscape

VMG Health has dedicated professionals recognized as industry leaders to assist clients with coding, compliance, due diligence services and improving operations in the healthcare industry. This full-suite of compliance services and medical coding serves health systems, academic medical centers, law firms, CPA firms, billing vendors, private equity firms, and healthcare practices across the country.

Now more than ever before, accurate medical coding services can be the lifeblood of any healthcare entity. Many organizations are plagued by inaccuracies that can cause reimbursement delays, provider underpayment or overpayment, and, in some cases, litigation and financial penalties. VMG Health stays current on the latest in coding guidance and provides training to help ensure your organization is compliant. In addition, the ever-changing healthcare regulations pose additional compliance risks for healthcare organizations. VMG Health’s expert team will develop a tailored, measurable compliance program for your organization that will enable you to ensure compliance with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS guidelines) and other governmental regulations including Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Be Ready for Your Coding Compliance Audit

Compliance Risk Analyzer (CRA) is a suite of tools developed to analyze 100% of the insurance claims you submit – and using algorithms derived from the application of predictive analytics, identifies high-risk providers, services and procedures, so you can spend less time searching for problems and more time fixing them.

The coding and compliance team is extremely professional and detail-oriented. Superb insights and professionalism!
Senior Counsel, National Healthcare Law Firm

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