Unrivaled Expertise In Healthcare Transactions of All Types

Whether you require a healthcare business valuation for regulatory compliance, business purposes, taxation, financial reporting or any other reason, VMG Health provides expert opinions and advisory services. In addition, compensation arrangements have become an instrumental part of many transaction strategies. Through joint operating agreements, creative physician alignment models or other innovative partnerships, transactions come in all different forms today, and many require special valuation expertise. Trusted by our clients since 1995, VMG Health has in-depth knowledge and experience with the ever-changing issues that impact value. VMG Health’s unique combination of healthcare valuation and expertise sets us apart.

Industry participants know there are a myriad of market-based changes and regulatory nuances that should be fully understood when entering into a healthcare transaction of any type. As a result, our nationwide network of clients relies upon VMG Health’s healthcare valuation services to assist with important deliverables related to strategic partnerships and alignment models.

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