Healthcare leaders at organizations, private equity companies and medical groups have been faced with the ever-changing and demanding needs of the healthcare industry. Many strategies include partnerships, growth plans, improving operations and facing market competition. As a result, there is often a need for new leadership, executive support to integrate, tactical guidance, or steps to enhance internal compliance. VMG Health’s Strategic Advisory Team has provided support for these needs by dedicating our seasoned professionals to your business needs on an interim basis.

Interim Corporate Development & M&A Strategy

Corporations need to be nimble in anticipating growth opportunities, leveraging scarce resources, and diversifying risk. VMG Health has experienced a growing need from clients to support and strengthen their Corporate Development and M&A Strategy function as an interim measure. In order to meet these needs, VMG Health provides experienced executives to assume management roles within the client’s corporate development function. This could be as interim Chief Development Officer, SVP Corp. Dev., M&A Manager, or on a whole-team basis.  At a moment’s notice, our experience professionals will work with your executives to provide strategic and/or tactical corporate development solutions tailored to your needs.

VMG Health provides a fresh viewpoint for developing a strategic acquisition plan which includes development of M&A process and controls, market research, competitor mapping, identification and prioritization of M&A targets. We are also able to provide assistance in the tactical execution of a pre-existing strategic plan, such as acquisition pipeline management and execution, participate directly in negotiations, lead internal diligence process, report to executive leadership/boards on pipeline and deal status, as well as build an M&A development team and infrastructure within your organization. VMG can provide the experienced, flexible, and committed resources to fit your need.

Operational Excellence Management

From optimizing your workflow and staffing to helping you maximize reimbursements and minimizing costs, our experienced professionals provide tailored strategies for your patients and organization. VMG Health will evaluate all facets of your operations and recommend best practice approaches, including appointment scheduling, patient registration, workflows, and staffing. We perform staff interviews and conduct comprehensive data analyses to identify performance improvement needs.

Practice Start-Up

We offer expertise in all areas of starting a practice, from feasibility and demographic analyses to planning and development, policy and procedure implementation, staff hiring and training.

Strategy Planning and Development

We will learn of the organizational mission, vision, and culture, conduct costs and benefits analyses, perform market research, and partner with leaders to create a strategic plan of expansion and development.

Policy Review and Development

Our professionals review and develop coding and billing guidelines, policy and procedure manuals for all front-end and back-end billing activities, patient satisfaction programs, and coding compliance.

Project Management

Our professionals work in close collaboration with all levels of the client organization to ensure critical and complex initiatives are executed.  We provide expertise and resources throughout the duration of the project assignment to ensure successful completion.