Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions Consultants

VMG Health’s team of healthcare M&A consultants routinely support mergers, acquisitions, and other affiliations.  Our healthcare mergers and acquisition services extend across a wide array of affiliation types. Our experience with all types of companies and providers sets us apart as we have worked with hospitals, health systems, medical groups, outpatient facilities, ancillary service providers, and private equity companies.

VMG Health is often retained early in the affiliation process to help parties identify objectives, business rationale, vision and overall feasibility.  Our team of healthcare mergers and acquisitions consultants can organize a planning process to support multiple parties in a transaction or a single entity in the negotiations. VMG Health also partners on such work with leading healthcare investment banks and major healthcare law firms.

Our Healthcare M&A Consulting services include:  

  • Overall process facilitation
  • Business case assessment, including an structural options
  • “Clean room” in evaluating competitively sensitive information
  • Shared vision development
  • Organizational structure, governance and management design
  • Economic model design, if applicable
  • Guidance in negotiations and legal document drafting
  • Stakeholder education and communication
  • Coordination with internal and/or external legal advisors
  • Board support and communication