Providing Critical Financial Visibility

Whether contemplating the financing of a de novo venture, the expansion of an existing business, the refinance of existing liabilities, or the acquisition of real or personal property, it is imperative for lenders and other financial investors to gain a thorough understanding of the recipient of their capital.

At VMG, our team of experienced valuation and transaction advisory professionals bring in-depth financial visibility to your healthcare lending decisions. VMG Health offers a myriad of services, products and other solutions focused specifically on delivering insight to lenders and other investors. Such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial & operational feasibility analyses
  • Quality of Earnings & Quality of Revenue
  • Transaction advisory or consulting
  • Lender appraisals for businesses, real estate and capital assets

At VMG Health, we urge you to leverage the expertise that more than two decades of experience has provided and gain clarity and confidence in your lending decisions.