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VMG Health’s VMG Academy provides complimentary in-person or virtual educational programs and training to the healthcare industry. We focus on the latest trends in the healthcare market and provides insightful guidance related to both the transaction and the physician alignment environment.

VMG Health has over 25 years of experience and has been involved in more than 45,000 transactions. As a result, VMG Academy brings practical advice and meaningful insight related to market trends and the risks associated with financial transactions with potential referral sources. The result is improved communication throughout the organization resulting in a more efficient transaction process throughout the year. 

VMG Academy covers content on relevant issues including:

  • Pulse on the Market: Key Takeaways from Public Healthcare Operators in 2022
  • FMV 101: An Immersive Program on Healthcare Valuation
  • Public Healthcare Operators Valuation Trends Summary
  • Finance for Attorneys: An Immersive Program on Finance & Valuation Concepts
  • Co-Management Valuation Considerations & Methodology
  • CMS Fee Schedule Changes & the Impact on Compensation Survey Data
  • Physician Leaders: FMV Calculations & Tips to Remain Compliant
  • Financial Considerations Impacting Commercial Reasonableness Assessments
  • Value-Based Care Structures & Factors to Consider Before Payment Distribution
  • How to Assess Medical Group Performance
Coding & Compliance
  • Challenges and Pitfalls of Implementing the 2023 E/M Guideline Changes
  • Medicare Teaching Setting Guidelines
  • Appropriate Documentation and Coding Compliance Practices for Your Organization
  • Advanced Practice Practitioner Guidelines
Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Investigations & Valuations: Mitigating Risks
  • Working with Expert Witnesses: Best Practices
  • Finance for Attorneys: An Immersive Program on Finance & Valuation Concepts

Providing educational topics on every healthcare sector including, but not limited to:

ASC & Surgical Hospitals
  • ASCs in 2022: A Year in Review
  • Key Trends in ASC Valuation & Strategy
  • Physician/Hospital Relationships: Good and Bad Ideas for JV ASCs
  • An Administrator’s Guide to Fair Market Value
  • ASC Investments for Physicians: Business With Earnings vs. A Start-Up
Behavioral Health
  • Inpatient Behavioral Health Joint Ventures: State of the Market
  • How to Build a Sustainable Behavioral Health Program
Health Systems & Hospitals
  • Pulse on the Market: Key Takeaways from Public Healthcare Operators in 2022
  • Private Equity & Health System Acquisitions of  Medical Groups
  • Public Healthcare Operators Valuation Trends Summary
  • Key Valuation Considerations when converting your HOPD Imaging Operations to a Freestanding Center
  • Proton Therapy: Technology, Joint Venture Structure, Economics & Keys to Success
  • Anatomy of a Successful Physician Affiliation
  • A Private Equity Oncology Primer: Current Players, Structures and Keys to Success
  • Anatomy of Successful Physician Affiliation
Physician Practices
  • Physician Medical Group Acquisitions: Importance of Post Transaction Compensation
  • Physician Medical Group Acquisitions: Strategic Insights for Success Post Transaction Alignment
  • Key Observations between Single Provider v. Platform Physician Medical Group Valuations
  • The Super-Hot Market for Physician Groups and Its Impact on Valuations
  • New & Unique Valuation Assignments: How to Navigate
  • The Business of Primary Care: Valuing Primary Care Practices
Risk-Bearing Organizations
  • Risk-Bearing Organizations and M&A: What You Need to Know
Urgent Care
  • Urgent Care and M&A: What You Need to Know
VMG Academy serves industry organizations by providing members valuable content for national and regional conferences, as well as healthcare businesses by educating leadership teams on alignment and transaction strategies.

Professionals that benefit from these sessions include:

  • C-Suite
  • Board Members
  • Business Development Teams
  • Compliance & Legal Departments
  • Facility Operators

Presentations may be eligible for:

  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU)
"We learned more from VMG Academy than we do at most conferences."
Physician Recruitment Director, Healthcare Organization

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