Experience With Every Type of Physician Compensation Valuation

Changes in the healthcare market have spawned increases in the number and kinds of contractual arrangements organizations make with physicians. Traditional fee-for-service contracts now often exist alongside largely untested, emerging pay-for-performance arrangements. In addition, more physicians are providing multiple services under one agreement which creates additional challenges with “Stacking” compensation components. This puts organizations at risk that their physician compensation valuations and physician contracts may run afoul of regulatory scrutiny or have unintended economic impacts.

VMG Health has extensive experience with every type of physician compensation valuation. We have provided expertise for thousands of arrangements – from traditional medical directorships and employment contracts, to complex, innovative compensation plans tied to quality and cost-efficiency. And we stay fully up-to-date on the latest government guidance and emerging industry physician payment trends.

As a result of streamlining our physician compensation valuation process for many arrangements – we are able to pass the savings on to clients. Additional solutions we have developed include system-wide analyses to address multiple similar arrangements, and FMV Tools™ which provides expedited and discounted Fair Market Value opinions. We have also created a process to expedite the Due Diligence Process for Compensation Arrangements, typically required for hospital acquisitions. VMG Health is known for customizing our approach to meet each client’s unique needs.

Simply does solid, consistent work. Especially skillful at communicating with physicians and educating them about compensation modeling. VMG Health makes hospital executives jobs much easier by establishing constructive approaches to discussions around compensation.
President, Health System