VMG Health’s Human Resources Support services can assist healthcare organizations with compliance and training. Our services cover many aspects of HR and are customized to fit each client’s specific needs.

The VMG Health team will assist organizations in analyzing current HR programs, implementing new systems, and providing staff support. Other HR Support services we provide are:

  • Policy and procedure development and implementation
  • Creating a customized HR manual
  • Compliance and regulatory support for employment
  • Employee file compilation (confidential, government forms, etc.)
  • Employee onboarding, development, assessment, and training
  • Recruiting and staffing support
  • Oversight of payroll processing
  • Development and implementation planning of payroll policies and procedures
  • Onsite HR support services

Additionally, our HR Support services will assist your organization in employee training and development. These services include:

  • Providing necessary education and materials to managers and employees including workshops, manuals, and employee handbooks
  • Offering senior leadership training, organizational training, and professional learning materials
  • Implementing a performance management system that includes performance development plans (PDPs) and employee development programs
  • Establishing a system that addresses mandatory training needs, new employee onboarding or orientation, and management development