VMG Health is proud to introduce its first Health System Leader Expectations survey report to assist our clients in preparing for 2024.

Health systems have faced challenging times in recent years due to material increases in costs for labor and supplies, difficulty recruiting for physician specialties, and trouble retaining talent. In addition, increased competitive moves by private equity and other non-traditional competitors have been on the rise and are expected to continue impacting the health system environment.

In order to better understand the perceived challenges and growth areas for health systems in 2024, VMG Health surveyed 141 health system leaders in various roles and entity types. The survey covered areas such as:

  • Financial Outlook
  • Transaction Expectations
  • Operational Strategy

The Health System Leader Expectations for 2024 survey report highlights key takeaways for expected strategic activity trends. These timely insights aim to support both existing and new health system clients as they navigate future opportunities in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Download Health System Leader Expectations for 2024: A VMG Health Survey

Healthcare leaders are optimistic and expect substantial strategic activity in 2024. Most notably, 59% of leaders expect financial performance to improve in 2024, compared to 2023.
VMG Health's Health System Leader Expectations for 2024