Maintaining and updating a managed care contracting strategy is essential for any healthcare organization. Successful managed care contracting optimizes revenue, limits risk, can provide strategic insight and may even be the catalyst to becoming a profitable organization. VMG Health has an array of expertise related to managed care and payer/provider relationship activities ranging from payer strategy development to leading major payer negotiations.

Through our extensive experience, VMG Health can help your organization optimize revenue by advancing proven payer contracting strategies to repair service line rate inequities and payer rate variances (parity). As part of our expertise, we are able to perform various services associated with Managed Care analytics (black box) such as understanding payor contract performance between two or more parties and modeling expected reimbursement versus historical collections to assist with strategic decisions. VMG Health can also provide Revenue Integrity Services, where our Coding & Compliance teams will work with an organization’s billing and coding teams to ensure revenue is being properly recognized. Lastly, we are able to provide legal consultation and support for dispute escalation on payor contract underpayments.

Strategically, it is a critical in today’s market to establish provider networks capable of earning shared savings and quality bonuses and/or premium savings from payors. VMG Health can assist with strategic payor positioning through negotiations and thoughtful provider alignment strategy. Allow VMG Health to assist you in growing your managed care portfolio net revenue, solve complex contracting issues, and establish sustainable practices within your organization.