Health Insurance Company Executives on Healthcare Reform

Published by Becker's Hospital Review The rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continued with the introduction of the public individual insurance exchanges in October 2013. While problems with the exchange website,, have been well-publicized in the media, popular culture and the political punditry, little information has been disseminated on what the actual health insurance industry has to say. How many people have enrolled and paid actual premiums? What are the early returns on the makeup of the exchange patient populations? Is this a newly insured population, or have people just re-enrolled in the exchanges after having their existing policies canceled that did not meet the PPACA’s minimum coverage requirements? To answer these and more questions, we reviewed the latest fourth-quarter earnings calls from the nation’s largest commercial health insurance companies. These earnings calls have been some of the first public commentaries the industry has made regarding the exchanges. We have summarized the thoughts from the major health insurers below. Click here to continue to the full article.