Imaging Center Data: Interpreting New Industry Volume Trends

Published by ImagingBiz Analysis of the fair market value of an imaging center requires the analysis of disparate sets of information regarding the environmental in which the subject company operates. The valuation analyst will research various sources of economical industry data, as well as obtaining company-specific information as part of the analysis.Radiology Business Journal and SDI Health LLC (Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania) published an article in the August/ September issue of RBJ illustrating trends related to the top 20 imaging-center chains and the larger environment in which they operate. The data in this study can assist the valuation analyst in formulating a basis for future revenue projections used in the income approach (discounted cash flow) to analysis.The industry information also assists the valuation analyst in determining the velocity, pricing, and strategic motivation behind market transactions within the industry.This information is crucial in determining the fair market value of an imaging center using the market approach to value. Click to continue to the full article.