Intellimarker™ Trends: Staffing Expenses and Efficiencies

The following article was written by Chance Sherer, manager with VMG Health. For the past five years, VMG Health has published the Multi-Specialty ASC Intellimarker™ Financial & Operational Benchmarking Study (the "Intellimarker™"), which provides detailed financial benchmarking information and analyses on ASCs around the United States. The Intellimarker™ is designed to help industry insiders better understand the relative financial and operating performance of ASCs. The Intellimarker™'s data also may help pinpoint issues and provide a basis for developing operational strategies to improve financial performance and creating value. By reviewing the Intellimarker™ data over time, we have been able to identify certain trends in the ASC industry. Today, ASCs are facing increasing reimbursement pressure and compete with one another for patients and physicians. ASC owners and operators are focusing on expense management as a way to increase profitability and distributions, thereby making the ASC more attractive to current and potential physician investors. Click to continue to the full article.