Database/DevOps Professional

Job Summary

The Database/DevOps Professional will work in a hybrid role and predominantly focus on database administration, maintenance, and escalated support tasks. The work will be within the scope of production systems management. This position is remote within the US 5 days a week with on-call hours. Some weekends required to assist with application promotions, which are scheduled in advance.

Required Education & Experience

  • Five years of production database experience, required.
  • Ten years of SQL coding experience, required.
  • Two years’ experience with Azure SQL databases, required.
  • On-call troubleshooting experience with at least one production SQL Server for at least a year as the point person for SQL Server issues.
  • Experience using tools like DMV queries, sp_Blitz® and sp_WhoIsActive to diagnose server reliability and performance issues.
  • Designing tables and picking datatypes.
  • Writing and improving SQL Server T-SQL queries for at least 3-5 years along with experience as the point person for T-SQL questions.
  • Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Data Associate Certification preferred.

Key Skills & Abilities:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge of database management.
  • Experienced Microsoft Office user.
  • Proficient with Excel and CSV processing.
  • Strong customer/client support.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Troubleshooting application logic and ability to pinpoint why numbers don’t add up in a report.
  • Tuning LINQ and Entity Framework queries to improve performance.
  • Integration Services.
  • Research application issues in an Azure SQL database (e.g., items not included on reports, numbers that do not add up, etc.) with resolutions that may include writing and executing corrective scripts and/or development task creation.
  • Design indexes for our applications, choosing when to add or remove indexes.
  • Determine the most effective way to increase performance when issues arise including index/query changes, database schema changes or server configuration changes.
  • Monitor nightly imports and take steps to resolve any failures.
  • Add technical guidance to significant development tasks (e.g., new reports, etc.).
  • Ensure that new database code meets standards for readability, reliability, and performance.
  • Test backups to ensure we are compliant with our disaster recovery policy.

The salary range for this position is $110,000 – $120,000, dependent upon skills and experience.

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