2021 Physician Alignment Tips & Trends (PATT) Report

2021 Bi-Annual Report

The healthcare landscape continues to be complex and highly regulated with physicians being at the center of nearly every strategy. A physician’s impact on financial operations, patient care and an organization’s culture make physician alignment critical for any healthcare organization to succeed. To help leaders understand the best options for alignment strategies, the 2021 PATT report provides timely insight into the latest trends and regulatory changes that impact physician alignment.

The past two years have reflected many of the same healthcare trends we outlined in VMG Health’s 2019 PATT Report, such as a strong movement towards value-based care and an influx of private equity participants. Now, we also have the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and monumental changes to Medicare’s Physician Fee Schedule. As a result, healthcare executives have been pressed to closely examine the goals and financial outcomes of their arrangements with physicians.

As the leader in healthcare valuation and strategy since 1995, VMG Health is involved with over 3,000 healthcare engagements annually ranging from joint venture development to compensation design. For any one physician arrangement, VMG Health may work with representatives from strategy, finance, compliance, legal, human resources, and/or operations. This in-depth insight has resulted in VMG Health being part of countless successful physician alignment strategies.

  • Health System Challenges & Strategies (Telehealth, Physician Performance & Lower Burnout, 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Changes, Understanding the Private Equity Play, Tackling Medical Group Optimization)
  • Physician Insight & Trends (Addressing Physician Concerns, Physician Supply & Demand Trends, Primary Care's New Major Role, Compensation Model Design in 2021)
  • The Latest in Regulatory Guidelines (Final Stark Law and AKS Implications, Top Coding Concerns with Physicians, More Individual Accountability, DOJ’s Updated Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs)

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