intellimarker is on the web

VMG Health’s Intellimarker is now on the web. The same data gathered from ASCs across the United States available to you in seconds. Sign up now and receive access the following:

  • Analyze Key Financial and Operational Metrics
  • Benchmark Your Surgery Center’s Performance
  • Learn More About Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Explore Data Gathered From ASCs Across the United States

What is the Intellimarker?

The Intellimarker provides detailed financial benchmarking information and analysis on 270 ambulatory surgery centers (“ASCs”) across the United States representing an aggregate surgical case volume of over 1.3 million. It is designed to help you better understand the relative financial and operational performance of ASCs. By comparing an ASC’s results to other similar facilities, you can identify areas where a facility might be excelling or areas for improvement. The benchmarking information contained in the Intellimarker can help pinpoint issues and provide a basis for developing actionable strategies for improving financial performance and creating value.

The benchmarking study covers all significant areas of financial and operational performance including:

  • Revenue & Expenses
  • Liquidity
  • Case Volume & Mix
  • Reimbursement by Specialty
  • Payor Mix
  • Staffing
  • Facility Information
  • Benchmarking Statistics

Continue to to register today. To view previous versions of the Intellimarker, visit our Research & Benchmarking Studies section in our Insights.