Buy-Side / Sell-Side Due Diligence & Consulting

VMG has provided buy-side and sell-side advisory services to corporations, non-profit health systems, management companies and private equity firms for transactions involving healthcare entities since 1995. VMG’s buy-side and sell-side advisory services incorporate an unparalleled level of healthcare expertise with a deep understanding of current and trending market factors that drive value. Our client-focused approach and expertise enables executives to gain confidence in the methods and approaches VMG employs to deliver results.

Our team of experts can provide invaluable guidance for every step of the transaction process including:

  • Commercial due diligence;
  • Developing strategies for buy side and sell side opportunities;
  • Feasibility analysis and market position assessments;
  • Pre-LOI Due Diligence 
  • Financial proforma modeling and valuation;
  • Divisional carve-out analyses (i.e. hospital based ancillary programs or in-office ancillary services);
  • Identifying options and assessing risk and return models;
  • Conducting due diligence (quality of earnings and quality of revenue);
  • Tax due diligence and tax structuring;
  • Black box modeling;
  • Marketing investment opportunities;
  • Structuring deal terms and conditions;
  • Assessing debt and debt like exposures ;
  • Assessing net working capital targets and post transaction true-ups / settlements;
  • Integration and IT due diligence;
  • Managing the transaction process and dataroom, and;
  • Negotiating terms.

Whether your organization is looking for the next opportunity or assessing viability of an existing transaction, our dedicated healthcare professionals can provide relevant, timely and industry focused expertise to assist in making the right decision. If required, VMG’s team can seamlessly integrate with your existing due diligence team to provide next level healthcare expertise.