Healthcare Shareholder and Employment Disputes and Litigation

Disputes between partners and between employees and management can be highly disruptive and in some cases, fatal to an organization. Getting ahead of the potential problem before it becomes a distraction is ideal. However, if the problem has already resulted in a dispute and/or litigation, then resolving it efficiently and effectively is the next priority.

As experienced and independent experts, VMG Health can help with either scenario. Our healthcare valuation experience, involving thousands of non-litigation valuation engagements, combined with our extensive testifying experience, uniquely positions us to serve as your consulting or testifying expert.

VMG Health experts have provided deposition and trial testimony before State and Federal courts, and in mediation and arbitration. We have also provided our valuation services in disputed matters that did not require any testimonies. Our experience in serving clients involved in healthcare shareholder and employment dispute matters include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Buy-outs of former partners
  • Buy-ins of new partners
  • Whistle-blower matters involving the sale of partner interests
  • Compensation and bonus disputes involving partners and/or employees
  • Breaches and/or buyouts involving covenants not to compete

Representative Engagements 

  • Physician partner dispute for a large multi-specialty practice involving alleged violations of a non-compete agreement; testified at deposition
  • Valuation of a physician-owned surgical hospital involving a partner dispute; testified at deposition
  • Valuation of various management services agreements involving diagnostic imaging centers and an ASC regarding a partner dispute; testified at deposition and arbitration
  • Valuation of an ophthalmology  ASC regarding a partner buyout dispute; testified at deposition and arbitration
  • Various matters involving the determination of a reasonable price for purposes of non-compete buyouts involving a variety of physician practices; testified at depositions and mediations
  • Physician-employee dispute involving the payment of compensation and bonuses; testified at trial
  • Buyout of a former business partner’s ownership interests involving an ophthalmology physician partnership dispute
  • Buyout of physician investors in an ASC disputed matter
  • Buyout of physician investors in a dialysis and vascular closure center disputed matter; testified at deposition
  • Buyout of a non-physician investor in a surgical hospital disputed matter; testified at arbitration
  • Buyout of physician investors in an anatomic physician practice