Aligning Physician Compensation & Reimbursement Models to Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Healthcare providers across the country are facing significant financial and operational challenges amid several competing trends such as losses in investment income, staffing shortages, increased inflation, increasing wage pressure, and the like. VMG Health’s Strategic Advisory Services Division works with hospitals, health systems, medical groups, and providers to take strategic steps that help move the system in the right direction.

Problem Statement

The varying types of physician compensation models being used by health systems today can result in a misalignment of physician and organizational incentives. This can limit the health system’s ability to maximize revenue opportunities as the industry moves towards empanelment and patient outcomes.

Supporting Context

With more of a health system’s revenue at risk for quality, panel management, and other non-productivity factors, aligning physician and health system incentives is key. These incentives help get the compensation formula right which is essential to the continued success of the health system.

As organizations continue to enter payor contracts with either partial or full risk (i.e., capitation), one key factor for organizations to understand is panel size and panel management. Accurately measuring and acuity adjusting primary care physician (PCP) panel size and implementing quality metrics tied to how well a PCP and the rest of the care team takes care of the patients on their panel, will drive organizational successes under these value-based reimbursement models.

VMG Health’s Solutions

VMG Health’s experts have helped numerous health systems design physician compensation plans that incentivize physicians to provide high-quality care for a strong panel of patients to ensure alignment of physician and organizational goals.

Through this body of work, VMG Health works with organizations to profile their reimbursement environment so organizations better understand how revenue flows into the system through payor contracts. VMG Health’s experts also help organizations learn which levers need to be pulled in order to maximize revenue under these value-based contracts. Once the reimbursement environment is fully understood by all parties, VMG Health works with organizational leadership to create a compensation model that incentivizes physicians to work in a way that maximizes revenue while providing high-quality care.

Other ways VMG Health can help systems like yours during this tumultuous time in the healthcare industry:

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