Health System Financial Repositioning

Healthcare providers across the country are facing significant financial and operational challenges amid several competing trends such as losses in investment income, staffing shortages, increased inflation, increasing wage pressure, and the like. VMG Health’s Strategic Advisory Services Division works with hospitals, health systems, medical groups, and providers to take strategic steps that help move the system in the right direction.

Problem Statement

For many health systems 2022 was one of most challenging years in recent memory. Labor costs, stagnant reimbursement, consumer preference, demographics, and increased competition from non-traditional organizations combined to negatively impact profitability and future sustainability.

Supporting Context

The factors contributing to a decline in operating performance are not likely to change in the coming years. Labor costs, demographics, and competition are likely to continue trending in ways that challenge performance.

VMG Health does not believe 2022 was an aberration, but rather portends what future clinical and operating performance will look like when absent of change and innovation. Organizations will need to maintain or improve patient access and quality but at a lower cost. How, where, and by whom care is provided will need to be evaluated and reimagined to achieve a sustainable operating platform.

VMG Health’s Solutions

VMG Health’s experts have partnered with health systems across the country to identify opportunities for improvement in clinical and operating performance. The work effort begins with understanding the current state of the organization and its operating environment. VMG Health then works with organization leadership to identify a short list of opportunities the organization can further explore and implement. At the conclusion of the work effort organizations will have a menu of strategies and tactics that can advance the organization towards clinical and financial sustainability when fully implemented.

Other ways VMG Health can help systems like yours during this tumultuous time in the healthcare industry:

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