It’s OK Not to Be OK: Leading Your Healthcare Organization with Authenticity  

June 26, 2024

Written by Christa Shephard

Even in today’s ever-evolving world of leadership, there remains a belief that admitting vulnerability is a sign of weakness. However, in the latest episode of Coachify Over Coffee, Laura Baldwin and Savory Turman, leadership development coaches, challenge this misconception head on by diving into and emphasizing the importance of authenticity and its transformative power in leadership. 

The fourth episode of Coachify Over Coffee, It’s OK Not to Be OK, addresses a common misconception among leaders in healthcare and across all industries: the fear that admitting they’re not okay diminishes their credibility. Our coaches discuss how authenticity breeds trust and connection, strengthening teams and organizations. They highlight lying about one’s well-being can undermine trust far quicker than acknowledging vulnerabilities. 

It’s important to define what “fine” really means in different contexts. Rather than accepting superficial answers, Baldwin and Turman encourage leaders to dig deeper. When leaders ask probing questions and foster genuine conversations, they uncover the truth behind their team’s well-being. Recognizing signs of burnout early on can help leaders and teams address stress before it escalates, preventing the negative impacts of prolonged stress. 

The conversation extends beyond individual leadership and acknowledges organizational culture. Baldwin and Turman share how fostering authenticity can positively impact employee morale and organizational trust. According to a recent survey by the Society of Human Resource Management, a significant percentage of organizations may claim to prioritize employee mental health, but many fail to implement meaningful strategies. Missing substantive opportunities to support employee mental health only reinforces the need for genuine, actionable steps toward creating supportive work environments. 

Baldwin and Turman leave listeners and leaders with practical advice: Regularly self-assess and reflect, asking ourselves, “What do I need in this moment?” Though it may seem like a simple question, its answers may be complicated, which can inspire deep self-discovery and a more balanced approach to leadership. When leaders own and address their personal struggles, they both enhance their own credibility and create environments where others feel empowered to do the same. 

If you’re looking to improve your leadership effectiveness and have a greater impact on your practice, Coachify Over Coffee offers valuable insights and actionable strategies. Learn to shift your mindset, view daily problems through a different lens, and apply a new approach to your leadership with the help of Laura Baldwin and Savory Turman, two certified coaches dedicated to sharing their expertise with listeners like you. 

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